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Honey Vacuum Tank

In the production of Jam-Marmalade, single, double, triple or multiple vacuum boiling systems suitable for the desired capacity are used.

It is produced with steam heating and electric heating. It is a full AISI 304 stainless steel body, platform optional stainless steel or hot galvanized carbon steel construction.

They are closed condenser type with tubular heat exchangers. In multiple Bull systems, desired Bull boiler can be used thanks to damper valves.

They have a low speed mixer with a scraper spoon. Since it provides a boiling temperature at about 56 C, the color of the fruit does not darken, its flavor and nutritious values ​​do not deteriorate.

Usage Training in Delivery is Given as in Each Product.

We Offer 24 Months Manufacturer Product Warranty and 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty.