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About Us

Our company was established in 2007 as identity machine since 1984 with our experience in stainless food machinery sector, our company that offers sales service to you, has grown rapidly in a short time and has become a brand closely following technological developments Our company offers instant hizmek to its customers in a timely and wide product range, our company providing customer-oriented service is growing day by day with our young, dynamic, friendly and successful colleagues, and the secret of our success is to our customers. It is the Uninterrupted Value and Support we provide.

Our company, which is growing day by day, has been the Solution Partner of the Customer with its Innovative, Dynamic, Investigative Structure, Our company, which constantly develops itself and aims to offer the best not the best, continues its activities without compromising its quality understanding. Our team, which is in a new structure with the aim of further expanding its design development and information network, creates a different world for its customers by adding innovations to the system every day...