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Plate Heat Exchangers

Pasteurization Unit

The difference from normal plate heat exchangers is the ability to make more hygienic heat transfer in the food areas used. Generally, milk heat exchangers are used in milk heating cooling processes. The most important reason why milk exchangers are different is that the fluid will be used in the food field and should be more hygienic. Therefore, there is no incompatibility of the milk heat exchangers produced from stainless in terms of bacteria. MIT Plate heat exchanger models can be designed as stainless.

Pasteurization Heat Exchangers

Pasteurizer exchangers, in other words, pasteurization or stainless heat exchangers are provided with hygienic distribution of milk on plates made in stainless tissues. Pasteurizer exchangers are designed by considering other equipment in line with system requirements and needs. Heat exchanger plates are produced in accordance with food and made by superior Turkish engineers.

Cream Pasteurization Heat Exchangers.

Whey Heat Exchangers

Fruit Juice Exchangers

Brine Exchangers

Milk Exchangers

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