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Milk Reception Boat and Measurement System

Milk Reception Unit

-It is used for volumetric measurement of milk coming into the business with tankers.

– The system is coupled to the complete chassis and consists of 1 mm pore diameter stainless filter, self-priming pump, air discharge tank used to increase the measurement accuracy of the system, electromagnetic flow meter elements with 0.2% precision, optionally, printer-temperature measurement and sampling options can be added. 

– The system can be coupled to on-board transport tanks.

 – It is used to filter the milk coming into the facility and balance it to the related machines. 

-There is a sieve on the tank. It can be made with digital weighbridge system upon request. 

Usage Training in Delivery is Given as in Each Product.

 We Offer 24 Months Manufacturer Product Warranty and 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty.