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Kashar Process Tank

Kashar Cheese Unit

Our Kasar Process Tank is manufactured in AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel in accordance with the Food Regulations.

From 2,000 Lt Capacity to 12,000 Lt Single, Single Platform Double Tank Provides Solution Within Higher Capacities.

Available in Tank Design, High Strength Stainless Steel Platform and Mobile Walking Ladder.

Double Manhole Cover, Double C.I.P Inlet, It Is Suitable For Use In Different Locations In The Change Of Production Place Thanks To The Double Product Inlet.

To empty the product pneumatically, our tank is upgraded and it is provided to exit from our special production valves so as to remain zero liquid.

It is a Master in Teleme Crushing by Working in Special Principle in such a way that the Telemen in 2 Teling Crushing Blades is fully broken.

The Control Is Connected On The Control Board, The Digital Temperature Indicator Is Adjustable From The Panel With The Mixer Speed ​​Controller.

Usage Training in Delivery is Given as in Each Product.

We Offer 24 Months Manufacturer Product Warranty and 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty.