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Curd Boiling Tank

Curd Cheese Unit

Our curd boiling pan is completely AISI 304 quality stainless steel in accordance with the Food Regulation.

Production Options from 1.000 Lt to 6.000 Lt are available.

It should be 3-walled, and Rolbont Ducted Heating and Cooling.

Special System Mixer System Is Available.

It has a conical shape and a 4 “drain valve to remain zero liquid.

Platform and Utility Ladder are Available Next to our Curd Boiling Tank.

Optional Curtain Trolley and Pump Assemblies are Provided.

The Control is Mounted on the Control Panel and Digital Thermometer Tank Control is Provided Easily via the Panel.

Usage Training in Delivery is Given as in Each Product.

We Offer 24 Months Manufacturer Product Warranty and 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty.