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Brine Storage Tank

White Cheese Unit

Our Brine Preparation and Storage Tank is manufactured in AISI316 Quality Stainless Steel, in full compliance with the Food Regulations.

It is produced from 1.000 Lt to 5.000 Lt.

It can be produced as a single wall and thanks to the serpentine it contains, it can be requested by steam and cooling with cooling water.

There is a mixer with reducer.

The tank is manufactured vertically cylindrical, vertically from the side, the ladder on top, the manhole cover and the analog heat indicator are mounted on the clock. There are 3 Ball Joint Feet as Adjustable.

Transfer is provided and installed with 5.000 Lt / h Centrifugal Pump as an Option.

Usage Training in Delivery is Given as in Each Product.

We Offer 24 Months Manufacturer Product Warranty and 10 Years Spare Parts Warranty.